Dear Students;

I would like to sincerely congratulate you for choosing our faculty and earning the right to study in this faculty in the academic year 2019-2020. I am wishing you to live a healthy, happy, successful university life.

There is an obligation to participate in the University Life Adaptation Schedule to be organized for helping you. OUL101 Activity Program and course schedule are on the link below. In addition, you can contact in any field you need with our faculty student affairs department.

I thank to your families who brought you today, and wish you success.


Prof. Gülbin ÖZÇELİKAY


OUL101 Activity Program


Course Schedule





 Storing a printout of course registration forms after course registration is completed

  • Student petitions should be signed by their advisors and then by student affairs.
  • Follow both the notice boards and faculty web page.

National Credit that must be completed for the program elective courses

  1. Group: 4 National Credits
  2. Group: 8 National Credits
  • Group: 10 National Credits

Elective courses Total National Credit: 22

Compulsory courses Total National Credit: 196

Total National Credit:218

Total AKTS: 300

* Successful completion of all compulsory and elective courses.

* Total internship time to complete: Total 6 Months

Internship I (Summer term at the end of 2nd year -1 Month)

Internship II (Summer term at the end of 3rd grade -2 Months)

Internship III (Summer term at the end of 4th grade -1 Month)

Internship IV (5th Grade in the 10th semester -2 Months)

* Research Project courses to be completed

PHA 501 Research Project Theoretical

PHA 503 Research Project Application

PHA 502 Research Project Theoretical

PHA 504 Research Project Application