Information technologies in the world,  especially in the field of medicine and health care applications are increasing.  Developed countries are utilizing the information technologies for their medical network to be able to reach the medical references easily and economically. In the world and in our country there is an acceleration in the area of medical and health research.  Our library tries to give an opportunity to use information technologies to researchers. Our library ‘s activities are listed below:

Our library is helping our academic staff by scanning their research subjects.

Primarily, scans are made in the form of access to the citations. Then also, the full text can be accessed upon request.

It is enough to send keywords about the subject wished to be searched  by e-mailing or by writing  to our library. All data will be delivered to the related person as soon as possible.

Researches are done by using our library’s present sources, databases, other university libraries, international information centers and the National Library.

Journal contents which are requested by departments being sent by e-mail to the academic staff.

The Library Programme is introduced to academic staff, students and other researchers in every opportunity.

Library compliance trainings are given to students to be familiar with the library and to be able to reach the resources easily.

The most up to date resources are purchased by the request of academic staff, students and researchers.

Information about the publications which are provided by our library are shared promptly with the department chairs.

A stand is built for promotional purposes for newcommer books which are available to be borrowed.