Pharmacy Museum is comprised of three sections.

Drug Museum
Pharmaceutical Devices Museum
Pharmacy Museum

 Drug Museum; this section includes raw materials used in medicine, plant extracts and the drugs which were used between the period of the Ottoman Empire and the first 30 years of the Republic of Turkey.

Pharmaceutical Devices Museum; this section contains the devices which were out of use in time. The relatively small devices is exhibited in specially designed cupboards while the bigger ones exhibited in open areas.Generally some devices and instruments used in drug analysis and research, balances and microscopes are exhibited in this section of the museum.Actually the first two sections of the museum serves for many years. However, in recent years the devices and the instruments moved to a redesigned venue.

Pharmacy Museum: It constitutes the third section of the museum. A Pharmacy shop in early nineteen-hundreds has been revived in this section. The pharmacy museum comprises of two units. Magistral drugs are exhibited in this part of the museum. This part is also known as the unit of drug preparation. The prescribed formulations were being prepared in this unit. Balances, some necessary devices in drug preparation, mortars, autoclave used in preparation of eye ointment end eye drops and some plant extracts are exhibited in this unit. The prepared prescriptions were being presented to the patients through a small window after recording to the prescription registry. Three original prescription registry representing the period between 1925 and 1970 are also available in this unit of the museum.
The museum is always open for the visitors. The exhibited pieces of the museum is also used as the part of the existing education program. It offers a comparison possibilities between ancient pharmacy and today’s pharmaceutical science.
The collection includes valuable pieces such as serum physiologic solutions and intravenous injection solutions in glass containers. This glass containers are made of fine glasses. Therefore a long-lasting preservation and exhibition should be made with care. Drugs belonging to early nineteen-hundreds in well preserved original packaging’s are also exhibited in the museum.
The Pharmacy Museum is opened at the 53th anniversary of the Faculty of Pharmacy with an official ceremony in 16 December 2013, Monday at 16.00.

Some images from the museum.