Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 1960. Our Faculty is proud to be the first Pharmacy School of the Republic of Turkey and it has retained its identity as a specialist institution dedicated to teaching and research in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences. The pharmacy pro

Ankara University is one of the most highly rated pharmacy school in Turkey. The program offers specialization in medicinal treatment, drugs and their development, uses and effects in respect to natural sciences, health sciences, as well as social sciences. Our undergraduate degree program is fully accredited.

The International Pharmacy education in the Faculty is maintained under 3 divisions:

*    Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences (Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Microbiology)

*  Professional Pharmaceutical Sciences (Interdisciplinary Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Botany, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Management, Pharmaceutical Toxicology)

*   Pharmaceutical Technology (Pharmaceutical Technology).

The pharmacy programme is based on semesters. There are two semesters per academic year. Undergraduate’s studies need 10 semesters (5 years, 30 credits for each semester) in order to graduate. At the final year the students have to carry out a “Research Project” under the supervision of a member of the academic staff. According to Bologna agreement we have comparability in the standards and quality of education and all lectures have ECTS credit system. Moreover, Faculty has a successful Erasmus Programme with the agreement of more than 25 Pharmacy Faculties within Europe.

Further information about the lectures for bachelor and master degrees can be obtained from the following link:

The job opportunities for graduates from our faculty are quite large. Although a large majority of graduates prefers to open their own pharmacy store, they can also work in hospitals, pharmaceutical warehouses, public and private research centers, different organizations of ministry of health and pharmaceutical industry.

Scientific research is also a crucial activity at the Faculty and numerous research projects are being carried out by the academic staff in every departments’ research laboratories and in the Central Research Laboratories.

Faculty has a well-equipped Library (approx. 13.800 books, journals, etc.), Herbarium (over 28.000 plant specimens), Computer Lab., Museum, 3 Central Research Laboratories, Student Laboratories for each department, Conference and Meeting Halls, Cafeteria and Hobby Rooms.

Key facts:

Tuition fee
For Bachelor/undergraduate    3200 €
For MSc                                         2200 €

Programme language: English
Language requirements for application:
For MSc          55 Toefl

Further information;


Accommodation Facilities

Students can stay in the dormitories, which provide a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for incoming students. The prices start from 90 € per month.

Optional English Courses

New registered students can apply optional English preparatory classes which also includes computer courses. This year is excluded from pharmacy education programme. The grade of English Preparation Class has added to the undergraduate average grade. Faculty also has optional Turkish Preparation Class.

Student Activities

Students can join many different social and sports clubs. Moreover, the campus has basketball, volleyball, tennis courts and an Olympic swimming pool. Ankara University, has many other facilities for students, such as Ilgaz Winter Camps, Örsem Summer Camps, etc.

Association of Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy Students (AUPSG) has collaboration with International Pharmacy Students Federation (IPSF). Members of the group organize conferences and meetings. Increasing number of students are getting internship opportunities abroad and we host international incoming students for internship in “International Pharmacy Programme” 

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