Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy will be known as an outstanding institution which has a world class vision.

The academic staff will be a community made of scientists who can improve their abilities continuously in an environment which supports academic success, perfection in research and education with the technological support maintained by the Ankara University administration.

Academic staff is responsible for the development of the society within the mission of Ankara University. The vision of Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy is to make the partners, students, pharmaceutical scientists, pharmaceutical industry, employees and graduates adopt the perfection in education, research and other services. Our vision will provide an outstanding education program on the bases of knowledge, experience and global perspective.


Unique mission of Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy has been introduced as the result of the meetings in which the defined goals for better education and more dynamic research environment through EU adaptation process were discussed with the academic staff.

Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy bears the mission of providing the Turkish society and the EU with the followings:

a)      Information transfer on invention, development and evaluation of new drugs and new drug administration methods, optimization of safe and efficient drug use, enhancement of human health through national and international toxicological researches and improvement of pharmaceutical services particularly clinical care.

b)      Education of outstanding pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to meet the healthcare requirement of Turkish society and maintenance of basic pharmaceutical services to the citizens.

c)       Supporting pharmaceutical industry in pioneering innovative partnerships to develop new drugs and collaborate with them for pharmaceutical, toxicological and technological excellence and for information transfer.

Although there have not been any pre-defined written goals, Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy tended to support research under all circumstances. In general, the mission of Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy covers the aim of enhancing public health through pharmacy education and research. With this aim, it also follows activities which support and improve the European mission as much as running education and research programs at international level.

In addition to the strategic plan to run the mission, it is also required to improve the foreign language education to make the students adapt easily to Erasmus Programs which is an essential part of their education.

Our mission also covers the development of new educational, scientific and professional principles and standards.